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Thanks anyway

Thanks anyway, but I’d rather you give the money to this young lady here. Keep smiling sweetie, and remember that for every jerk in the world, there is always a compassionate stranger.
Feed back

Thank you so much for sticking up for me. This was my second day on the job, and I only took it because my dad is ill, and can’t support my family
Cheap – Viet Nam

So you made sure you took all of my requests right? You people are so stupid sometimes! You really just need to listen to what the customer wants.
Good Service – Thai Lan

You know what? Maybe you should realize that this is a fast food place. Not only that, you are in the drive thru. Customizations require extra work, and sometimes people mess up. Also, this girl didn’t do anything to mess up your order yet, so why are you getting mad at her?

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If you do not see your desired destination, please, feel free and send us your Tailor Made Inquiry.

Please check our FAQ Page for answers to your queries. If this doesnt help, feel free to email us.

Please do contact us at the following should you have any comments or feedback whilst using our Airport transfers, resort transfers, city transfers or minibuses or indeed any other form of transportation taken.

Every measure is taken to ensure that all of our services are punctual and drivers are courteous. If you find this is not the case please do not hesitate to inform us. Equally if you find that the service taken was above your expectations – then we are also pleased to hear your comments.

Booking Amendments and Cancellations. To amend the flight numbers, timings, accommodation name and mobile number or cancel a booking please use the “My Booking”.

If you wish to change departure or return dates, resort, number of passengers or vehicle size then please email (numerical references).

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