Mekong Cruise

59f835b465f35 Mekong Eyes Explorer
The our new boutique boat offers short cruises on the most vibrant part of Mekong River where the most exciting daily lives can be seen. The interior designed in colonial style
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rv-mekong-prestige-cruise3 RV Mekong Prestige II Cruise
Our cruise have 32 cabins designed in a combination between modern and contemporary style which incorporates top of the range materials carefully mixed with local artifacts. We pro
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jayavarman-cruise1 Jayavarman Cruise
Our ship was designed by Jayavarman's legacy will gives the feeling like living in a gorgeous & luxurious palace for customers. Stay here to enjoy an exciting experience & discover
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45 Bassac Cruise
Based on the classic appearance of traditional rice barges, Bassac Cruise was built and designed to be an elegant Mekong delta, which can efficiently accommodate up to 24 passenger
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1218-5d4ff0a6306c63b5e2b6fdab5f87676a Toum Tiou I Cruise
Erected in the traditional style, the Toum Tiou I was launched in 2002. The cruise's name was inspired by a traditional Khmer tale, Toum and Tiou, the Cambodian version of Romeo an
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56a8838dac73d Mekong Emotion Cruise
Mekong Emotion – Cruise in Luxury. Purposefully designed to meet up specific needs of the most discerning travelers, Mekong Emotion brings you a fantastic combination of exquisi
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jahan-cruise4 Jahan Cruise
Jahan Cruise - Beginning of a Romantic Fairy Tale. Live in the romantic atmosphere of the fairy tale created Jahan, combine with the luxury boutique hotel, personalized services
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